About Samantha Kreling


Hi! My name is Samantha (Sam) Kreling and I am a graduate student at the Prugh Lab at the University of Washington Seattle. I am studying urban coyote diet within the greater Seattle area using a non-invasive genetic approach. Using a genetic approach, I hope to more accurately understand the diet of coyotes and how this impacts urban ecosystems and the people that live in these centers. While most research and media focuses on the potential negatives of living with urban carnivores, I want to shine a light on the positives. Coyotes are formidable hunters and likely prey predominantly on invasive and introduced species, having important benefits for urban ecosystems and the people that reside in them. 

I also have an immense interest in evolution in urban wildlife species. Urban environments present evolutionary novel settings that would be unprecedented in any species' history and would love to research the effects of urbanization on wildlife genomes.

Outside of the lab, I am a wildlife photographer and have a large passion for science communication in the form of art and photography.